Monday, October 15, 2018

Fixer Upper Style Doll House Room for Z Yang

We completed another room in our doll house! This one really evolved over time in the design process. We started knowing we wanted to do a room for Z Yang, our modern American Girl character who is a vlogger. We adore Z's collection, with her fold out computer desk and camera equipment. Z has a modern feel to her collection, a lot of black and white, with pops of purple, teal, and orange. We followed that theme in our room. With a special twist..........

Since we were also needing more rooms that can be multi functional, I decided to build a room that would be easy to switch out for a different themes. One of  Sami's and my favorite shows to watch together is Fixer Upper.  I already had been wanting to do a Fixer Upper doll house series for 18 inch dolls. So a white shiplap room was a must!  I will give credit to my husband who did all the hard work building this room. We wanted real shiplap, so he measured, cut, and installed all the shiplap outside in the summer heat when we built this. He is my own personal Chip, and he always does a great job!

One of the inspirational pieces for this room, was the modern black metal shelves we found. They were a second hand store purchase, and a very lucky random find! We always keep a look out for doll size items. 

We were also excited to finally have a space to use the American Girl TV set. This is such a cute set. Of course Fixer Upper is playing on the tv!  On the wall space above the TV, we printed black and white map images from google, and glued them to foam board, wrapping the edges, to create the look of a canvas print.

We chose the hometown cities of Tenney- Nashville,  Z Yang- Seattle, and Gabriella McBride- Philadelphia.

 We also created a black and white canvas from a photograph I took of our three girls we love having together, Tenny, Z. and Gabriella.

 On the shelves, we used photography items from Z and Kit's collections, and worked a natural element in to soften thing up, with mini faux plants we found at Target a few years ago. Next to the shelves, we added a snack station for all the movie watching, that also provided the balancing pops of color to this end of the room, with the AG purple popcorn machine, and orange drinks from Maryellen's fridge. I also found an extra Maryellen lamp on ebay, and gave it a makeover with spray paint and fabric, to match the room with silver accents and a pop of black.

 Maryellen's sofa also worked well in this room, with it's teal color. And it folds out into a bed, so this room can also serve as a bedroom for Z.  What a fun space for a slumber party!

The adorable sofa throw pillows were handmade by our sweet friend Adorable Doll Stuff on ETSY. I will link her shop, HERE
She makes such cute things!!!

The Aztec print rug, I made from a piece of fabric. It is a no sew rug. I just ironed the folded edges, and hot glued them into place. A very easy project to create a rug for your doll room. Placemats also work well for 18 inch doll house rugs.

 At the other end of the room, we have Z's computer desk. It is from American Girl. Most of the items on the desk come with her desk set, it is such a fun piece! We only added a few items to personalize our space and add touches of our color theme.

 For the wall space at the other end of the room, we created another canvas print with glue and foam board. I found a black and white image with a dalmation that went perfect in this room, especially since Z has a dalmation, named Popcorn.

 At the center of the room, we hung a light up marquee letter. This piece helped to pull the two sides of the room together, and created a center focal point. It was so perfect for our cinematic theme!

Z and Popcorn are so happy with their new room! 

We hope you enjoyed the first room in our AG Doll House Fixer Upper series! And don't forget to watch our video below to see more details on how we created this space!

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 Sami and Kimberlee

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Girl Of The Year 2018, Luciana Vega Space Room

Happy New Year! We started our 2018 with welcoming American Girl Of The Year 2018, Luciana Vega to our doll house!  Today I am going to share how we created her room. We absolutely love that Luciana is a girl interested in science and space. Her dream is to one day go to Mars to help in space exploration. We wanted to create a room that reflected her interests and that would compliment her amazing, detailed, collection from American Girl.

I will also be linking our YouTube video down below, where you can watch the setting up of this room.

Long time AG fans will recognize the purple loft bed in this room, it belongs to McKenna, Girl of The Year 2012. We originally built this room for McKenna's loft bed, and made it tall enough to have the dolls be able to sit on top of the bed, with also room for a window and hanging light.  You can see the original version of this bedroom for McKenna, in our YouTube video linked HERE

We started with clearing the room and only leaving the bed in it. We knew the loft bed would be perfect for Luciana with a few minor changes. 

Starting above the bed, to add a more modern, space feel, we switched out the old white crystal chandelier for a modern silver disk one. We also created a new larger picture window with an IKEA frame and night time, starry sky with moon, from google images. We then made some galaxy pattern curtains from an old pair of Sami's leggings. The accent pillows we also made from two of her older shirts.

Luciana's telescope that is part of her collection, fits so perfectly in this spot on her bed! We love the thought of star gazing at night from such a cozy, pretty spot!  To add to the fun, the telescope lights up and projects an image of the moon that just so happens to be the exact same size of the moon in our window ,creating a brightly lit image, when you turn off the lights.

And here is our star gazing girl, Luciana, in her cozy, soft pajamas that are also part of her collection.

For the lower part of the room, we started on the shelves, we crafted a star shaped box with Luciana's initial on it, painted a mini plant from Michael's pot silver, and added her astronaut figure, Space Book, and Space Camp guide from her collection to the top shelf.

On second shelf we printed off a picture of Luciana in her flight suit and added it to a mini frame. We also used an older Science set from AG that we have had for a few years, to shelf.  We also hung a list of Luciana's goals above the science set.

On the bottom shelf, we added Luciana's adorable silver boots and backpack.

Beside the bed, we hung a space poster we created on Pic Monkey, and used the constellation blanket from Luciana's telescope set, to layer on the chair, with a white fur pillow we made with simple cutting and hot glue.

For the desk area, we took the chair that came with the American Girl Gourmet kitchen set, spray painted it chrome silver, and also used a white fur locker rug from Target.  

We also crafted a lamp from a Christmas ornament, and a pen holder from an old OG set.  The large Earth and Mars decals we found at a craft store.

We removed the original green elastic bands that were on the memo board, and replaced them with silver. All items on the memo board come from Luciana's amazing collection!

We love the space food, freeze dried ice cream, that comes with Luciana's accessories set! We thought it would make a perfect snack on her desk with a bottle of water. Her cell phone comes with her telescope set.

And lastly, we added Luciana's work table. What a cool piece that comes with so many fun accessories! I think the little tape measure is my favorite!

Sami named Luciana's robot dog Rocket, and he is a pretty cool pup! His eyes light up in different colors, he makes sounds, and his ears move when you press the button on his head. He has made the  fold out chair his spot in the room.

Thank you for stopping by to see our Luciana Space Room! For more close ups and Luciana fun, you can watch our YouTube video below. Also don't forget to subscribe to our channel while there, so you don't miss what we having coming this year!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

American Girl Doll House Room- Ice Cream Parlor, Bakery, & Candy Shop

We completed another room in the doll house, and I have to say, this was one of the most fun ones we have put together so far! Sami received Samantha Parkington's Ice Cream Parlor for Christmas in 2014, and we have been planning this room ever since. When the ice cream parlor first came out, we immediately knew it would compliment American Girl's retired Sweet Treats Bakery and Table Set. We knew we want to create an ice cream parlor, bakery, and candy shop combined with all three pieces in one room. Between the ice cream, bakery treats, candy, and the fancy Victorian theme, we knew we going to have fun with this room!
We built this room to be four feet wide, and and two feet tall, and deep. I always lay out my rooms and measure before building a doll house room, to make sure the pieces we are using will fit properly. The only thing I may change about this room in the future, is the flooring and window. I would like to do the traditional diagonal black and white tile often found in Victorian ice cream parlors, and I would also like to add a taller stained glass window. At this point though, I am so anxious to complete our other rooms, I am content to come back to those projects once the main house is complete.
We painted the stripes on the walls instead of wallpaper, and it worked out well! I also chose larger crown moulding for this period. Although if I were to do it again, I may have gone smaller to have the room appear taller, it's a give and take with larger moulding, depending on the size of the room you are working with. This room could have done with a tad smaller, but all in all I still love the moudling!

 For the candy part of the parlor, we built shelves from craft wood, and added small glass jars we found at Michaels. We then filled them with old fashioned candies and added a sign we made from scrapbook paper and a label I made from PicMonkey.

 On the counter by the soda fountain, we added a small framed picture of a Victorian advertisement for Cocoa, that we printed from Pinterest.  We then placed the old fashioned scoop, cones, and cups of ice cream that came with the parlor set. The gold pedestal is a an extra piece we ordered from Ebay and spray painted gold to compliment the gold accents on the parlor's pillars.

 On the other counter we added a plate and doily to display some dessert samples for the customers to select from. We also love the heavy, metal Victorian cash register and candy jar that both came with the original ice cream parlor set.

 On the corner of the counter, I painted an old cupcake stand I have had for a few years, to use as a menu display, and then we garnished the menu vignette with a bundle of flowers and an iced lemonade.

 Samantha is so happy to have her parlor completed, and her best friend Nellie there to give her a helping hand!

 For the bakery part of the shop, we used various desserts from several different American Girl sets. I also made a no sew runner by ironing and using hot glue at the seams. I then created a large menu on PicMonkey, printed it, and put it in a frame from Hobby Lobby. For more details on where the various desserts came from, you can watch our YouTube video that will appear at the bottom of this post.

 The tall bakery case, I found at an antique mall. It was a scratched up dark wood when I bought it. I gave it three coats of Annie Sloan chalk paint, and then Mod Podged some fabric on the back to create a pretty  background for all of the baked goods.
 We collected various cake plates and pedestals from American Girl and Our Generation sets, and spray painted them all with chrome silver Rustoleum paint. We love how they turned out, they look less plastic being silver, and more Victorian for this space.

 Above the table, we added a chandelier, that is a locker chandelier we found at Joanna's Fabric and Crafts. We then used the table cloth from Samantha's original table set. We also used the flowers and cups from another one of Samantha's sets. The ice cream sundaes originally came with the table set. We then layered the sundaes with spray painted silver plates and lacey cloth napkins. 

One of the reasons I chose to make the window shorter for now, is so that we could rotate the table against the wall for larger gatherings and events for the dolls. For more details on how I made the window and curtains, you can watch our YouTube video I will post down below. 

The lovely Maryellen was delighted to attend the Grand Opening event of the Ice Cream Parlor!

 Stunning Rebecca arrived fashionably late!

 And pretty Addy, had the honor of being the very first customer!

We hope you enjoyed our tour of our new American Girl doll house Ice Cream Parlor & Bakery room! Make sure to subscribe and connect with us on YouTube and Instagram, as we share often on those. You can find us on the social media links on the upper right hand of the side bar.  And also by clicking on our YouTube videos.

Have a blessed day! Kimberlee

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